What is Kamasutra?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text traditionally attributed to Vatsyayana, a philosopher in...



Her empathetic and pragmatic approach provides a perfect balance that has been instrumental in my personal growth. Therapy for six weeks on issues concerning stress, family conflicts, and anxiety.



Her patience, empathy, and actionable advice have given me hope and a renewed sense of purpose. Therapy with Debra for four weeks on career difficulties, relationship issues, and self-worth.



Releasing all the bottled-up emotions, fears, and guilt onto paper was like shedding a heavyweight. Debra's emphasis on tools for life, rather than just our therapy duration, sets her apart.

Elle & Mason

Naming our heart's desires, things we'd never voiced, was liberating. Debra's wisdom about the Universe and our role in articulating our desires was enlightening.

Carla & Omar

Expressing them on paper, as Debra highlighted, was our way of asking the Universe. Everytime a dream from our list becomes a reality, it's a poignant reminder of how powerful setting clear intentions

Nina & Derrick

We always thought our sexual incompatibilities were just 'how things were.' We've now begun a journey of open communication and mutual understanding, thanks to Debra's guidance.

Aria & Dylan

Sexual incompatibility nearly ended our marriage. Thankfully, the Romantic Standards exercise introduced by Debra gave us clarity. We're navigating our relationship with awareness and understanding.

Serena & Luke

What sets Debra apart is her unwavering commitment to my growth. The strategies she's shared are insightful and practical, helping me navigate life's complexities.



She's not just about talking; she empowers me with tools and resources that have been game-changers for my mental health. Therapy on issues concerning trauma, anger management, and stress.



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