Introducing the Twin Frame Romantic Standards Assessment Love Match Program

Are you a cherished member of the elite KISSLove community, eager to discover the secrets to genuine love and joy? Your search ends here! Introducing the Twin Flame Romantic Standards Assessment – a pioneering initiative tailored to connect you with your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine counterpart. 

Led by the esteemed psychotherapist and matchmaker Debra Ann Cruz, this program promises an enriching and transformative voyage to authentic love. Explore the advantages of the Twin Flame Love model compared to the Traditional Love Model. Unlike the conventional approach that often lacks boundaries, mindfulness, or lasting commitment, the Twin Flame provides a structured path to deep


Dive into our curated collection of eBooks enriched with wisdom from leading figures in psychology, spirituality, relationships, and personal growth. Our selection spans vital topics like bolstering self-esteem, fostering self-love, recovery from childhood sexual abuse, mastering communication, intensifying intimacy, and reigniting passion. 

Packed with actionable strategies and tools, these eBooks are more than reads; they’re lifelong companions guiding you towards happiness, self-awareness, and thriving relationships. Life is good when you know how to live it! Transform your journey with us.


Discover deep and transformative learning with The Kama Sutra Love Vault’s (KSLV) “Self-Esteem Empowerment Journey” e-courses. Crafted for an immersive experience, members can delve into these self-guided courses at their own pace. 

Topics span from nurturing self-love, bouncing back from low self-esteem, and penning erotic fantasies for Twin Flames to honing effective communication techniques, deciphering the nuances of romance, and establishing profound intimacy. Each course blends rich content, introspective exercises, and practical tools to enhance individual growth and fortify relationships.


 The Kama Sutra Love Vault (KSLV) community boasts a rich video library with expert insights, hands-on demonstrations, and invaluable guidance. Members can explore videos on various topics, including nurturing self-love, refining communication strategies, boosting romance and intimacy, navigating conflicts, and building emotional bonds. These videos illuminate and strengthen personal growth and relationship endeavors through vivid illustrations, handy tips, and actionable techniques. 


Introducing the Twin Flame Romantic Standards Assessment Program: A Journey to Lasting Self-Love

Are you prepared to embark on a life-changing journey that enhances self-esteem and paves the way for genuine, enduring love? Dive into our meticulously designed 12-week program, purposefully built to guarantee each participant’s authenticity and actual readiness for a committed relationship.

This isn’t just a program—it’s a transformative experience. Each week unfolds with precision, ensuring that every member embarks on a path of self-discovery, from unveiling their true essence to gaining a deeper understanding of their aspirations. By the end of the program, you won’t just be dreaming—you’ll envision a future that truly mirrors your innermost wishes.

With our curated array of tools, interactive sessions, and thought-provoking exercises, you’ll gain profound clarity about who you are and what you seek in a partner. As you progress, you’ll craft a vision that’s not just about finding love but about aligning with a passion that resonates with the depths of your soul.

Join us and lay the foundation for a love story that’s memorable and authentic to who you are.

KISSLove Matchmaker Couples Counseling Program


The Kiss Love Matchmaker Couples Counseling Program, presented by the renowned Kama Sutra Love Vault (KSLV), aims to revitalize Twin Flame Love relationships, deepen the bond between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine partners, and pave the way for an enduring and rewarding partnership. Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of the Kama Sutra and contemporary relationship psychology, this program is tailored to the needs of today’s couples, regardless of their cultural or religious background.

Key Features:

1. Holistic Approach: The program integrates physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological aspects of a relationship, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive understanding of love.

2. Individualized Counseling: Recognizing that every relationship is unique, KSLV offers one-on-one sessions with trained therapists to address the specific challenges faced by each couple.

3. Group Workshops: These sessions foster community support, allowing couples to learn from others’ experiences and develop a network of like-minded individuals.

4. Practical Exercises: A blend of traditional Kama Sutra practices and modern techniques provides couples hands-on exercises to enhance intimacy, trust, and mutual understanding.

5. Tools for Communication: Participants are equipped with effective communication strategies, empowering them to express their feelings, needs, and desires more openly.

6. Cultural Appreciation: Rooted in the ancient teachings of the Kama Sutra, the program also enlightens couples about the rich history and cultural significance of these age-old practices.


1. Deepened Connection: By addressing a relationship’s physical and emotional facets, couples can experience a stronger, more profound bond.

2. Conflict Resolution: The program offers tools and strategies to navigate disagreements constructively, reducing the risk of long-term resentment.

3. Enhanced Intimacy: Drawing on the wisdom of the Kama Sutra, couples can rediscover the art of sensual and emotional connection.

Long-term Success: With a foundation built on mutual respect, trust, and effective communication, couples are better positioned for lasting happiness and fulfillment.


The KISSLove Matchmaker Couples Counseling Program transformed our relationship. We rediscovered our love for each other and learned to approach challenges as a united front.” –Samantha & Mark.

The blend of ancient wisdom and modern psychology is truly unique. We’ve grown closer than ever before.” – Aarav & Priya.


In today’s fast-paced world, relationships often face numerous challenges. The Kiss Love Couples Counseling Program by KSLV offers a sanctuary for couples to rejuvenate their bond, gain essential tools for a harmonious relationship, and embark on a journey toward everlasting love. Embrace the magic of the Kama Sutra and the insights of modern psychology to ensure a thriving partnership.


Your Sweet Spot of Personal Truth

 Dive into our curated coaching sessions and receive a specially crafted toolkit aimed at guiding you back to your genuine self, bringing clarity, and defining life’s purpose. Featured titles include: “Navigating Reverse Ghosting,” “Embarking on a Self-Worth Odyssey,” “Delving Deep: The Self-Esteem Sanctuary,” and more. 

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1:1 Coaching Package A

Over ten 60-minute sessions, we’ll embark on a thorough journey together, forming a dynamic partnership to detail your objectives and pinpoint the obstacles hindering your success.  


1:1 Coaching Package B

   Over five dedicated 60-minute sessions, we’ll forge a solid alliance to delve into and recognize your distinct goals. Together, we’ll chart a path to achieve your ambitions and aspirations.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is offered periodically throughout the year and is a cost-effective way to:

  • Get focused on your goals.
  • Learn strategies to advance your position forward.
  • Receive support and encouragement as you implement your plan.



Individual 1:1 Coaching Session

A session with me is highly personalized. In one hour, we can begin to uncover the basic obstacles in your specific situation and work together to clarify your goals. These sessions are highly personalized. We’ll form a potent partnership where we dig deep into your specific situation and work together to:

  • Clarify your goals.
  • Identify the things that have you stuck.
  • Create & implement strategies to move you forward.

All personal growth changes occur when we are ready to commit to doing the work. If you know that you are prepared to try a different approach to let go of old behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you, then 1:1 coaching will support your journey towards fulfillment and inner peace.


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